Binary MLM Plan

This is the most famous plan amongst the multi level based companies,and also amongst the all other members who wish to start their business. The concept is based on the two legs , one leg is on the right side while other is on the left side. One side of the plan is called as power leg while other leg is called as the profit leg.

When any member enrolls the other new member in the structure in the leaf position of the tree then power leg grows. Many criteria has to be matched for the compensation of the binary distribution like 1:1 and 2:1 or 1:2 concept.

  •  In rhis plan up-line sales give the benefits to their corresponding down-line member.
  •   Binary plan plays a major role for the overall gross of your and also on your downline success.
  •   This plan is also termed as infinite downline plan.

Types Of Income In Binary Compensation Plan

Direct Sponsor Income

Spill Network Income

Binary/Pair Matching Income

Spill Income

Single Leg/Level Income

Royalty Income

Referral Income

Offers and Schemes


Advantages of Binary Plan

This plan has some of the advantages in comparison with the other plans and some of the advantages are listed below.
In this plan basic criteria is that you have to recruit at least two members on first level and it has good earning options becuase you can recruit unlimited members to increase your earning bars.

  •  Easy To Understand.
  •  Less Working High Earning.
  •  Income From Infinite Levels.